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Gluten Free communion bread is available in the foyer.

Sunday evening singing at 5pm in the fellowship room.

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Good Samaritan need for the week: breakfast bars. Donation box in the foyer.

If you are still “staying at home” and would like to send in your offering – please mail it to PO Box 145 Cortez, CO 81321

KEMPER BACKPACKS will start again soon!  See Shirley if you can help!

LADIES BIBLE STUDY Friday’s at 1pm in the fellowship room.  See LizAnn with questions.


If you have a PO Box mailing address and it is not in the directory, please let Stephanie know.

BAR D coming up Aug 19th.  Sign-up sheet on the bulletin board.  Everyone is invited.  Prices are listed on the sheet.

Men’s & ladies meetings Sunday at 1:15.  Men meet in the white house and ladies in the fellowship room.

Camp board meeting Sept 13 in the white house.  See Nathan, David or EA for more information.

LADIES DAY COMING UP OCTOBER 1ST! All ladies are invited.  Make your plans now to attend.  More information to come.


Article – Sunday, August 7, 2022

Women’s Work In The Kingdom


There are often questions and debates that surround the work of women within a local congregation. Here is what we need to understand: women are co-workers in the Lord just as much as any man, and we all need to lift up one another in the work of the Lord.

The Lord’s work is not all about who can preach in a pulpit. I believe we do a disservice to the concept of being workers for the Lord when we relegate the important work to public acts of leadership that happen within a very small window of time each week, as if those 2 to 4 hours of the week are what comprise all the significant works and service that are supposed to happen by God’s people. That’s not even close.

The greatest work is not being done by the most visible people.  They aren’t looking for attention, yet they keep working in ways that go above and beyond typical expectations.

Think of the amount of work that goes on for classes (children’s classes, ladies’ classes, writing materials), Lord’s Supper preparation, cleaning and prep, keeping order in and around all that happens in our facilities, pulling together the information to keep us up to date,  general organization, ordering materials, helping to take food to those in need, and the amount of work put in by mothers training their children (which is kingdom work), etc.  Women are Co-Workers with Christ

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He is our righteousness, holiness, and redemption.
John Hanson



Prayer List

Updated: Sunday, Aug 7, 2022

Immediate Concerns:
Colette Cox
Chloris Coppinger
Doug Davis recovering from surgery
Tammara Daves 
Brenna Leonard surgery has been moved to September.
Don & Joan Harclerode 
Dorothy Porter 
Kathy Young 
Sandi Hunter, John’s sister, continued prayers
Prayers for the churches in the Ukraine.
Kay Wristen – John’s sister-in-law, is doing better
Gary Hill 
Nayana Wilderson – headed to college.


On Going Concerns:
Art Thomas
Wendell Nicholson
Donna Lancaster
The Brown family
Kathleen Benally
Bill Hurt
Virginia Goza

Marvin Ancell, Coffs Harbor
Philip James, Hogback
India Evangelism

**Names will be updated monthly


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