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Sunday evening singing 5p.m. in the library.

Gluten Free communion bread is available in the foyer.

Ladies work day and devotional will be Thursday, April 19 at 9:30 in the annex. All ladies are invited.

Kemper Backpacks Fridays at 10 in the annex.

Montrose church will be having Ladies day March 24. There is a flyer on the bulletin board for more information.

There is a basket on the table in the foyer for cards for the Cullen & Rachel Kraus wedding. Please have your cards here this morning.

Camp board meeting April 10. See E.A. for more information.

LTC is coming up!! March 30-April 1! The youth have been working hard on their projects.

Good Samaritan need for the week: Deodorant Donation box in the foyer.

Rob’s Corner – Mar. 18, 2018


There are a lot of claims and teaching about God so below is a small list of facts from the Bible about the God of the Bible. These provide a filter through which to view other teaching. If the God you say you believe in differs from what is described here, you need to reconsider.

God is eternal– Jn. 1:1, 4:24
God is spirit– Jn. 4:24; Isa. 40:28/ 42:10b-11; Gen. 1:1
God is Creator of the heavens & earth-Gen. 1-2; Isa. 40:26-28; 42:5
God makes his plans known beforehand-Isa. 41:22-27; Gen. 12:1-3
God is not a man, not a human (nor has he ever been)–Num. 23:19; Hos. 11:9
God is light & in him is no darkness-I Jn. 1:5
God doesn’t change like shifting shadows-James 1:17
God is God alone, there is no other-Deut. 4:35;
God is patient and wants all to be saved-II Pet. 3:9; I Tim. 2:4
God is Savior-Hose. 13:4b/ Psa. 65:5; I Tim. 1:1
God is and always will be faithful-II Tim. 2:13
God is Judge-II Tim. 4:1


Prayer List

Updated: Sunday, March 18

Immediate Concerns

Donna Lancaster
Peggy Penn – Donna’s mother
Clarence & Eddie DeLoach – Rob’s uncle and aunt
Tammara Daves
Becky Merris – Virginia Goza’s daughter had breast cancer
Brian Meadows – Liddie’s brother
Janet Hawkins
Nick Lester – friend of Nayana’s has been diagnosed with cancer for the 2nd time.
Wendell Nicholson
Bettty Mauler – Dorothy’s mother.
Mark McLure – Connie & David’s brother-in-law’s brother has leukemia.
Sharon Baxstrom having knee surgery March 27.
Riana Bauer – 3rd grader at Dolores elementary, diagnosed with thyroid cancer.
Brenna has had a setback. Please keep her in your prayers.
Whitney Hall, Rob & Windy’s daughter is pregnant with twins and is having some health problems.

On Going Concerns

Don & Thelma Frugoli
Brenna Leonard
Suzanne Martin
Art Thomas


Marvin Ancell, Coffs Harbor
Royce Frederick, India
Philip James, Hogback

**Names will be updated monthly


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